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Why is STEM So Important?

  • March 26, 2019
  • Posted by admin

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) pops up a lot. Celebrities are endorsing it, more schools are pushing it, and more programs want kids to join. Why are these four disciplines so important in today’s age? Why do we need stem education?

Well, there is a lack of high tech and qualified candidates to perform the various jobs that the world needs. We’re only getting more and more high tech and data-driven, but the people who can perform those jobs are getting harder and harder to find. Plus, the reason that all four of these subjects are grouped together is because they build off of one another.

You can’t walk into a science experiment without using and measuring data, and you can’t do engineering without an understanding of technology. Teaching these subjects in isolation doesn’t do anyone good, because you will have a much harder time being a scientist if you can’t do basic math. STEM is a way for all four subjects to connect.

That way, when people want to make up a career in STEM, they have a strong foundation on all four of the subjects and can thrive even more. The reason STEM is being pushed so hard is because this time is the best time to go into one of the fields.

The technology is cutting edge, and science is continually pushing more borders with new discoveries. Engineers have more work than ever, and all those subjects need math. It’s a career goldmine, and it’s all up for grabs with a little hard work.

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If you love discovering new things, using numbers and working with data, and seeing ideas turn into reality, then a career in STEM might be the best thing for you. It doesn’t matter who you are or your origin story, you’ve got the potential to discover something that changes the world.